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You probably know how expensive or time consuming is to paraphrase/rewrite or create quality content. In the past, you could pay a writer (expensive), write it yourself (time consuming), spin an article manually (time consuming & boring). Today, you can quickly paraphrase & create content with Cleverspinner without paying expensive writers.

Original sentence:“She likes apples and peaches.”
Automatic rewrite (active voice):“She loves peaches and apples.”
Automatic rewrite (passive voice):“Peaches and apples are liked by her.”

It is a unique web-based article spinner that is able to rewrite your articles automatically on word, phrase and sentence level with a similar quality as a content writer. It understands text as a person thanks to the artificial intelligence it uses.

  • It rewrites your content on word and sentence level, making it unique & readable and it takes a short time to spin/rewrite an article.
  • Therefore you can have enough content for your money sites, backlink campaigns (best links are contextual), pbn sites, guest posts, ebooks … you name it.
  • More content means more money – because with more content on your site you get better rankings & more traffic and/or more articles to sell and/or more backlinks.
  • Best of all, we offer a 3 day free trial which gives you instant and full access to it for 3 days with no risk and no obligation to continue.

The 43 sec Long Video Demonstrates How The Tool Works

It is better than other tools because:

  • It always chooses correct synonyms – because it undestands both context and the meaning of words in text.
  • It also rewrites sentences, lists and complex phrases.
  • Therefore the content it produces is not only 100% readable but it also passes copyscape.
  • Unlike other tools it is a simple to use – just paste article click a button and it’s done.
  • It rewrites a 500 word article in just few seconds, since it is coded efficiently.
  • It is the an inteligent software, than won’t cost you an arm and leg.
  • You can test the software for free for 3 days with no obligation to continue.
  • The free 3 days trial gives you instant and complete acess to all features of the software in seconds.


It rewrites words, phrases, sentences, lists and complex phrases.
since it understands structure of any sentence and gets the meaning of its words.

Have you ever feel frustrated when you tried to auto spin article in your spinning software and you got output text which didn’t make much sense. And you had to redo most of the words manually, waste a lot of time and you got completely bored? I did, and this is one of the problems this software solves.

  • Most article rewriters and paraphrasing tools often choose synonyms that make no sense.
  • It is really boring and time-consuming to remove them manually.
  • CleversSpinner chooses correct synonym based on both context and meaning of the words.
  • Therefore in the majority of cases the synonyms are correct.
  • It rewrites sentences and complex phrases making the article even more unique.

Examples of spinning:

Original:I was the best student because I studied hard.
Spin: “{I was the {best|very best} {student|pupil} {because|since} I {studied hard|studied a lot}|{Since|Simply because} I {studied hard|studied a lot}, I was the {best|very best} {student|pupil}}.”
Rewrite: “Simply because I studied a lot, I was the very best pupil.”

  • The software has literally turned the sentences upside down but it still makes perfect sense and is 100% unique.
  • Each synonym Cleverspinner selected is correct.
Original:I would like to go to work, but I am really ill.
Spin: “{{I would|I’d} {like|love} {to go|going} {to work|to the office}, {but|though|although|however,} {I am|I’m} {really|truly|very} {ill|sick}|{Even thought|Although|Though} {I am|I’m} {really|truly|very} {ill|sick}, {I would|I’d} {like|love} {to go|going} {to work|to the office}}.”
Rewrite: “Although I’m truly sick, I’d love going to the office.”

  • The sentence rewrite doesn’t look like original sentence, but the meaning is the same.
Original:She often consumes pineapple juice, toast, eggs, and meat for breakfast.
Spin: “She {often|usually|typically} consumes {pineapple juice, toast, eggs, and meat|meat, eggs, toast, and pineapple juice} for breakfast.”
Rewrite: “She usually consumes meat, eggs, toast, and pineapple juice for breakfast.”

  • Clever spinner is also able to rewrite lists.
  • Reordering the list makes the sentence unique. This is the best way to paraphrase a list.
Original:I saw movie Avatar last year.
Spin: “{{I {saw|watched} {movie|film} Avatar|{Movie|Film} Avatar was seen by me} {last|previous} year|{Last|Previous} year, {I {saw|watched} {movie|film} Avatar|{movie|film} Avatar was seen by me}}.”
Rewrite: “Previous year, film Avatar was seen by me.”

  • It is smart enough to determine that “last year” is an adverb of time, and it can be moved to the beginning of the sentence.
  • It also turned the first part of the sentence into a passive form.
Original:John built a house.
Spin: “{John {built|made} a {house|building}|A {house|building} was built by John}.”
Rewrite: “A building was built by John.”

  • It can, of course, turn sentences into their passive forms.
  • It is so accurate because it knows the function of each word in the sentence.
Original:John and Jane built a big house of wood.
Spin: “{{John {and|as well as} Jane|Jane {and|as well as} John} {built|made} a {big|huge|large} {house|home|building} of wood|A {big|huge|large} {house|home|building} of wood was built by {John {and|as well as} Jane|Jane {and|as well as} John}}.”
Rewrite: “A huge home of wood was built by Jane as well as John.”

  • A more complex sentence, turned into passive form.
  • It also gets that “John and Jane: can be written as “Jane and John”.
  • All these things together Clever Spinner makes the text a lot more unique.


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  • It also rewrites lists and complex phrases.
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