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Make AI generated content sound 100% human

Humanize AI Text with Our Humanizer Tool

The tool easily bypasses AI Content Detection. see example
See demo of humanizing AI text in the second part of the video.
Unlike similar tools for removing AI from text, the paraphrases you get bypass most AI content detectors, but also sound fluent and more human that the original. Humanized!
It passes most AI detectors, ZeroGPT, even Originality ...
30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee.
CleverSpinner is a Special Paraphrasing Tool

CleverSpinner's humanizer tool is a special type of paraphrasing tool that can humanize any piece of AI-generated content. Therefore, AI content detection tools such as CopyLeaks, ZeroGPT, GPT Zero, and HuggingFace detector will not be able to identify your text as AI-generated content.

The text is both fluent and it sound human. The latest version of the tool - 2.63 is even able to pass advanced detectors such as Originality.ai and WinstonAI

The Main Advantage is the Quality

There are many tools that can convert AI content, and some of them can even remove AI detection, even when measured with the most accurate detectors such as Copyleaks. However, the quality of the text they produce is sometimes very low, occasionally even unreadable.

If someone claims to have a tool that humanizes AI text, then the results have to sound human, not as if they were written by someone with very poor English skills .You can't use text with bad grammar and spelling.

Fluency Grade is 8+ on Scale
0 to 10

The difference is that CleverSpinner actually produces content that is fluent with a grade of at least 8-10 on a scale from 0 to 10. Therefore, the AI Text Humanizer is not only able to completely remove the AI feel from a text but also to keep it readable.

CleverSpinner is exceptionally effective because it uses its own technology, which has been developed over the last 10 years. It is not dependent on external APIs, as many other software programs are. So you always get unique output.

Humanize AI Content Better Than Using Other Tools

The table shows how undetectable AI content is, after we it is processed with CleverSpinner vs Quillbot.

We created 5 articles using ChatGPT, paraphrased them by CleverSpinner’s AI Removal Tool and Quillbot’s Paraphrasing tool and then checked if the content was AI using CopyLeaks AI Detection tool. Copyleaks is arguably the most accurate AI detector, based on this scientific study [https://arxiv.org/abs/2307.07411].

See Examples of Removing AI Generated Content Detection

As you can see, ZeroGPT measured a drastic difference between “original” AI writen text, and the text after it was paraphrased by CleveSpinner’s AI Text Humanizer tool. The first one was detected as 98% AI, and CleverSpinner’s made it 100% human. These are not just empty numbers, when you read the text on the right side, you can notice it even sounds more human because it is less boring, nice and predictable.

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Humanize your AI Generated Content
Works for all AI writing tools
This includes ChatGPT as well
Humanize up to 200 000 words per month.
It bypasses all AI content detection tools such as Huggingface Detector, OpenAI, GptZero ...
30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee.
If you are not satisfied, you get your money back without a question asked.
30-day money back and Satisfaction guarantee.
It is completely risk-free. Even when your 3-day trial is over, you still have 30 days to determine if Cleverspinner is the right tool for you. If you're not 100% satisfied with the tools, we'll gladly offer you a refund, no question asked, within a 30 days period.