Copyleaks AI Content Detector - Review and How To Bypass

Why do we need AI detectors?

While before writers had to write everything from scratch, today many of them use AI tools to generate content automatically. This is much more time efficient process and it produces articles of a reasonable quality. While they are not perfect, they do provide information that are mostly correct.  It also means AI models are more accurate than many humans, and they are able to pass some exams that most humans cannot. Such as an exam on a technical university, or easier exams such as ones at a medical university. So there was a need for AI content detectors and there still is.


One of them is Copyleaks, the AI content detector that we are going to reviews today and show how to pass it.

In my opinion Copyleaks is a decent detector. I tested it with many articles automatically generated by GPT Chat and they were always flagged as AI content. On the other hand, when I put in human content, this AI detector never flagged it as AI content.

What an AI Text Detector does?

An AI detector is a classifier, so it has to tell is something is written by AI, and it has to be  able to tell difference between AI and Human content. It has just 2 classes.

It also shows probability, but its essential function is to tell of something has class 0 – which means it is written using AI or class 1 which means it is written by a human being.

And this is the basis task that an AI detector should do.

The test we done:

Bellow you can see a test that we did. We wrote 5 articles using GPT chat. We then tried to humanize it using two tools, CleverSpinner and Quillbot. The we checked original chat GPT text, as well as paraphrases made by Quillbot and CleverSpinner.

The results:

  1. You can notice that Copyleaks was able to identify each chat GPT content as AI every time, with a pretty high percentage.
  2. Copyleaks recognized paraphrases made by CleverSpinner as human content. This is a positive thing because CleverSpinner AI bypass tool is trained to convert AI-generated to human text.
  3. Copyleaks marked 4 out of 5 chat GPT articles paraphrased by AI. This is also a positive thing, because Quillbot was never trained to convert AI text to human, even many people do so, and they miss out.

So we can say this tool is a very solid AI Text detector as it is able to detect original AI text & the same text paraphrased by Quillbot, but now high-quality paraphrases created by CleverSpinner’s AI removal tool.

How To Bypass Copyleaks:

As you can see bellow, CleverSpinner was able to 100% pass the AI detectors’ test. So CleverSpinner is the right solution to remove Copyleaks AI detection. 

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